The cloud platform provides a viable and economical solution most clients will benefit from. Some clients who use the platform for their ERP, CRM or other internal workflow related applications will need a more secure platform to ensure the sanctity of their data.

Kavach Cloudwall helps to convert publicly available cloud instances to be restricted only to valid and verified users. Kavach Cloudwall is designed to be installed in SMB and SME locations with users from 5-200.


  • Locked down access to resources, this is usefull for branch offices needing to connect to their applications on the Cloud.
  • Conditional Internet access, this feature will ensure only the required access for the authorized users will be provided.
  • SSL VPN that uses SSL/TLS protocols to provide a robust and secure connection.
  • Browse or check mail from any insecure hotspot, the iGA Cloudwall will encrypt all communications securely.
  • Web content filter, provides control over what sites users visit.
  • SPF Statefull packet filtering firewall to protect the network from intrusions.
  • Mobility devices on Android and IOS are supported on the go.
  • Wifi connectivity available.