Systech’s iTaaS has a complete suite of applications that any remote office needs i.e. WAN connectivity (Primary link and secondary link) , firewall, IPS, VPN, Authentication, central file server with file sharing capability besides a provision to host useful branch applications.

  • For any large organization, a remote office or branch office needs to connect to HQ’s network over MPLS connection, leased line or by using a VPN connection over the broadband links. In addition, for user authentication and access control, a directory structure i.e. Active Directory may be needed. This structure should integrate with the centralized authentication system. For local storage and backup, an additional solution is needed.
  • For cost saving, organizations may want to separate core applications i.e. ERP etc. to work on MPLS / Leased line while broadband link runs the Email and Web traffic. Organizations may want to put policies in place to check data leakage.
  • Systech’s iTaaS appliance comes with features that are needed for any branch office / remote office.