Systech iTaaS’s Web server capabilities includes full featured proxy engine with caching, content filter and category based web site blocking facility. The category list is updated regularly. There is a support for group based policies for the Internet access. It also comes with white list, black list, gray list, regular expression based blocking, time based blocking as well as advertisement blocking. In built SSL decryption engine is efficient. The Web Gateway application comes with Anti Virus and robust reporting engine about the Internet used by individuals.

  • Limit POST size
  • Proxy authentication
  • White list domains and urls
  • Blacklist domains and urls
  • Blanket SSL blocking so you can block SSL anonymous proxies
  • Built-in content scanner plug in system which includes AV scanning
  • Anti Virus features are same as mentioned above in the email section
  • It proxies normally only HTTP connections. It does also support the protocols FTP, Gopher, SSL, and WAIS access control lists