Along with the increasing internet users and services there is a growing increase in vulnerabilities and attacks.


Systech Services provides System Hardening Services where we will help you with improving the security…


Systech Services provides 24×7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification…


For clients who want to take their first step towards cloud computing or clients who wish to have their clouds…

Our Services

We are now a multimillion company functioning in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai with a human resource of 140+ which includes 90+ skilled engineers (Engineers are MCP, MCSA certified with special certification from Lenovo and IBM as System Specialists). We provide infrastructure support for a number of customers in India, making us one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure solutions providers in the country. Implementation of advanced technology, continuous innovation and a commitment to service quality gives Systech an upper hand in meeting the most sophisticated demands of corporate customers in India.

About Us

Systech Services Pvt. Ltd. assures you of a reliable infrastructure network that promises professionalism. Systech’s team of qualified engineers provide solutions that span the entire technology life cycle – from design and set-up to integration and management of infrastructure. While super fast installation helps you leverage your business and sustain a global competitive advantage, fluid systems ensure maximum returns on your IT investments.


 iTaaS is a game changer. It provides complete IT stack using Hybrid Cloud.


The cloud platform provides a viable and economical solution most clients will benefit from.


One of the ways an Internet Gateway Device can make a difference in your business.

Are you ready for a free assessment of your cloud infrastructure!!!

After the assessment, our experts will show how you can save tremendously on cloud expenses and double up your security.

When you are on cloud, you have to be very careful about how you use it. Else you will surely end up getting a Bill Shock!!!

When the looming questions on your mind are

Am I paying the right amount for the cloud infra?

Is there a way to reduce the costs?

Am I using the right technologies?

How Secure Am I?

Our free assessment will help you

Figure out how to optimize costs.

How to improve performance on cloud.

Improve over all uptime and reliability.

Make it more secure.